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Wolf Handle Only

Wolf Handle Only

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Listen up, cane enthusiasts! We know you're on the hunt for the perfect handle to complete your walking stick, and we've got just the thing. But before you hit that order button, there are a few things you need to know.

First things first: this handle is not a whole cane. We repeat, NOT a whole cane. It's just the handle and a connecting screw. No decorative collar ring, no shaft, no tip, no wrist strap, no nothing. Just the handle. Got it? Good.

Now, let's talk about compatibility. This Wolf handle will only fit a select few of our cane shafts. We know, we know, it's a bummer. But don't worry, we've got your back. Just get in touch with us before ordering and we'll make sure you're getting the right fit.

Once you've placed your order, sit tight. All our handles are made to order and shipped directly from our workshop in Ukraine. Standard shipping usually takes around a month, so be patient. Trust us, it'll be worth the wait.

One more thing to keep in mind: due to the handwork involved, the color of your new handle may vary slightly from the color of your current shaft. Even if you select the same color from the list. It's just the nature of the beast, folks.

But hey, don't let that deter you. This handle is the real deal. It's the missing piece to your perfect cane puzzle. And let's be real, who doesn't want a wolf head as their cane handle? It's fierce, it's unique, it's downright badass.

So go ahead, handle the Wolf with care. And get ready to strut your stuff with the coolest cane in town.

Not A Medical Device - Read More

Canes are only used for casual or novelty use and are not promoted or used for medical use. Please always consult a doctor before use.

Shipping & Returns

100% Free Shipping
30-day warranty after delivery with free return
60-day manufacturers warranty with free return

Because this is a custom made cane. Once an order is placed, it takes 5-10 days to create. After that, the cane will be shipped out.

So we do not disappoint; time from order to arrival can vary, but we are saying 4-6 weeks for this cane.

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Custom Made

This Cane or walking stick was made in our supplier's shop in Ukraine. They continue to supply over 40 jobs to the local community during the most challenging times.