How to Measure for a Cane

Find Your Proper Cane Height and Length to Get Maximum Stability.

Achieving proper stability is crucial when it comes to cane usage. Finding your cane's correct height or length can make all the difference. It's not just about looking good but feeling good too. You want to feel confident and secure with every step you take.
The key is to find the correct height for your cane by using one of the methods below. It's like tailoring a suit to fit perfectly. You wouldn't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach, nor should you regarding your cane.

So, only settle for the best. Follow the steps below to find your proper cane height and length and experience the difference for yourself. Your body will thank you.


There are 3 methods you can use to measure the correct cane height for you.  


diagram showing how to measure proper cane height


1. Measure the Size of Your Existing Cane.

In this method, you take your existing cane and measure from the lowest part of the handle on top to the tip at the bottom, then round up to the nearest half inch.

2. Measure the Person that Will be Using the Cane

There are 4 steps in this method.

1. The user must put on their walking shoes or shoes they will wear most while using the cane.
2. The user should stand naturally and upright as much as possible.
3. The user then lets their arms fall to their sides with their elbow at a natural, relaxed bend. ( See Image Above)
4. Using a measuring tape (stick etc.) measure the distance from the floor to the user's wrist joint (bottom crease at the wrist). Take this number and round up to the nearest half an inch.

Please Note: To do this so the user stands naturally, a second person must take the measurements.

3. Using Half the Users Height

Use this method only if the person is unavailable or you don't have an existing cane from the person to measure. We prefer if you use one of the other methods due to the fact this method is not as accurate as the other 2. Please remember that a custom order cane can not be returned if the measurements are wrong.

If you use this method, the way it works is usually the correct cane height is one inch of half the user's height.
1. You must convert height into inches. So, for example, if the user is 6'3", that would equal 75 inches. Half of 75 inches would be 37.5. You always round up to the nearest inch, so it would end up being 38 inches.
2 You must then add 1/2 inch to this measurement so it would end up being 38.5 inches for cane height.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not medical professionals; these methods do not replace a medical professional's recommendation. We highly recommend you ask your medical professional for the correct cane height for you. Also, canes are for balance only and not to be used as a crutch for full body weight.


man with proper cane height to short and to long